One day camp - mid year vacation

2017 11.28

Open the door to the world of robotics for your kids to build their own robots and live through an enjoyable, beneficial and educational experience with LogiClub.

we care about:
- Core values
- Teamwork
- Logic thinking
- Problem solving
- Creativity

We offer 4 workshops divided on two days. Your child can attend a maximum of one workshop per day.

*No past experience or knowledge needed to attend any of these workshops*

نحن ندعوكم لإكتشاف عالم الروبوت, هتكتشف مراحل صنع الروبوت بتاعك بنفسك و أزاى هتبرمجه لتنفيذ أوامر معينه
أهم القيم اللي بنحافظ عليها و بنحاول ننميها : 
- الروح الجماعية
- التفكير المنطقي
- حل المشاكل
- الإبداع

بنقدم 4 ورش منقسمة على يومين وممكن تخلي ابنك يحضر ورشة واحدة بس في اليوم.

*لا توجد أى شروط أو أي خبرة مطلوبة في هذا المجال للتقديم على هذه الورش*

للتسجيل إملا الإستمارة دى:

-->First Day ( Friday Nov 24th) from 2:00pm to 4:00pm

-Roamer Too Robot (age 6 - 8)
This is an educational, interactive and simple robot course that helps early learners using basics like reading, spelling and Math. It helps struggling students and challenges the gifted and talented.

NXT Robotics (age 9-11)
In this course children use numerous LEGO parts and components to construct a robot that they will program to perform several missions using different sensors (Touch, Color and Ultrasonic

-->Second day (Saturday Nov 25th) from 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Dash & Dot (age 6 - 8)
Dash is a real robot, responding to voice, navigating objects, dancing, and singing. Dot is a
clever little robot with multiple sensors that powers the Do-It-Yourself projects in the new Dot

Creativity Kit. Kids will learn about robotics and develop fundamental coding and problem-
solving skills while having fun.

Circuits (age 9-11)
A perfect step for your kids to become a young inventor by teaching them how any electronic
device they see around them works and the basic principles of electronics.

-->The price of a single workshop is 150 EGP including all the materials and components that will be used.
And you can register for the TWO DAYS for 250 EGP INSTEAD of 300 EGP 
if you registered with your siblings or friends, you will get 10% discount :) 

سعر الورشة الواحدة 150جنيه 
أوممكن تحجز اليومين بسعر 250 جنيه بدلا من 300 جنيه
و لو أشتركت انت و أخواتك أو أصحابك، هتاخد ١٠٪‏ خصم

For registration please fill in this form:

For registration : 01224595479 or 01028966551 or 01068116566 
Or visit eduligo in: 
new cairo city, fifth settlement, district 1, zone 7, villa 138, fist floor
Cairo, egypt